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Otakon 2014 Colossal Titan


Working on my costume for Otakon 2014.

The stilts are in and the arms are on their way. I’m extremely excited and cannot wait. I am currently working on the mask. I’ve decided to stray away from any form of body paint or makeup to make sure it all looks better together.

Here is a picture of me testing a paper mask design that I downloaded and colored in with sharpies. The final piece will be made of out of thick card stock and will be painted, but it at least gives me a view of how large my head is. Also, I will be getting a massive hair reduction to ensure everything doesn’t get in the way.

The current costume measures at 7’ 3”. See you guys at Otakon!




A guy asked Kickstarter for ten dollars so he could try making some potato salad without having to worry about wasting any money on ingredients for a failed recipe.

He’s now raised over a thousand bucks.


Truly, the internet is an amazing place.

What the fuck

He’s now renting out an entire hall and inviting the internet to a potato salad party.
What a time to be alive.

Reaction GIF: what?, confused, suspicious, Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

That better be the best Potato salad ever.

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