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The famous running thrust kick Lee delivers to O’Hara’s chest was real and invited by Wall (O’Hara), who agreed with Lee that fake kicks would not look realistic on film. Lee’s kick subsequently broke Wall’s sternum, and broke the arms of two extras in the crowd behind Wall who attempted to catch him.

(Starts at 2:30)

It is also reported that whiles on set Bruce would be regularly challenged by the extra’s who claimed he wasn’t as good as everyone made out. Whiles Bruce laughed off most of these challenges, apparently a couple of times the extra’s learnt the hard way.


Otakon 2014 Colossal Titan


Working on my costume for Otakon 2014.

The stilts are in and the arms are on their way. I’m extremely excited and cannot wait. I am currently working on the mask. I’ve decided to stray away from any form of body paint or makeup to make sure it all looks better together.

Here is a picture of me testing a paper mask design that I downloaded and colored in with sharpies. The final piece will be made of out of thick card stock and will be painted, but it at least gives me a view of how large my head is. Also, I will be getting a massive hair reduction to ensure everything doesn’t get in the way.

The current costume measures at 7’ 3”. See you guys at Otakon!

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