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Custom Stands Made For JOJO RPG

Ace Up Your Sleeve
Allows the user to cheat in life.

Form 1: Devil’s Advocate / God’s Advocate
Form 2: Great Minds Think Alike
A pair of stands that can answer any question in detail, but both provide answers which are the opposite of each other. One stand is correct, while the other is wrong. It is random though which stand is correct.
When conditions are met, the stands combine and become the second form. The second form gives absolute answers to all yes or no questions.

Every Last Drop
Covers the user with a black nothingness that devours anything it touches. Anything that touches the blackness is erased from existence.

Form 1: Snowball’s Chance in Hell
Form 2: Cold Day in Hell
Form 3: When Hell Freezes Over
Stand has the power to effect the probability of something not happening, which increases in severity with every form. For example, the chance of a bullet not hitting, or the chance a person might slip and fall. The form is dependent on the current circumstances the user is in or the danger posed. For example, a knife being dropped on the user’s foot is form 1. While his/her safety isn’t guaranteed it’s still not worth form 2. When the user is directly in danger, then the stand becomes form 2. When the user is against almost impossible odds of survival, only then does the stand become form 3.

Heat of The Moment 
User “fights like a beast”. Begins weak, but user becomes stronger, faster and more ferocious the longer the fight goes on. It continues to grow exponentially until it defeats its opponent and hasn’t made an attack in 15 minutes. User becomes so focused and enraged that they ignore pain and injury, but also loses higher though processes and rational thinking. Its weakness is exploiting it’s primitive thinking, no long range abilities, or waiting for it’s cool down period.

Level Playing Field
Stand has the ability to make any object/surface act like a wave. The stand can control the amplitude, frequency, and wavelength of the object/surface. Whatever the stand is effecting still maintains all of its other properties. The stand can only create these waves when it comes in contact with the object/surface.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Allows the user to create a stand with the powers of any historical figure, as long as the user is holding the book the historical figure is described in. The historical figures do not carry any memory, but do have the skills, knowledge, and famous items they carried in life. Anything that might reveal the past though, such as a book, is blank. The historical figure has a time limit and after it fades, anybody who knew anything about it forgets it and anything about it fades away out of existence.
Also, anything the historical figure had does the same.

Of Things To Come
Stand can reach into any opening, but user cannot look inside, and pull out any item from the future. The item has a time limit and if it has any information, it is forgotten immediately after read. After the item fades, anybody who knew anything about the item forgets it and anything about or part of the item fades away out of existence.

Shoot the Breeze
Stand has the ability to manipulate sound waves. It is able to make auditory hallucinations and can even tune into wavelengths normally inaudible by the human ear. It can use these wavelengths to induce nausea and cause confusion in its targets. It cannot, however, increased or decrease the volume of a sound, only redirect or change it, as a result, a scream can be redirected so that others cannot hear, but there is no way for an increase the sound in order to break ear-drums or cause concussive damage

Cat Nap
Has complete psychic manipulation of stress and fatigue. The range of this stand’s ability is 5000m.

Knee Jerk Reaction
Attaches to a person or thing and makes it so that it dodges everything attempting to come into contact with it.

Hot Potato
Stand can put a counter on anything the user touches. The counter starts at 5 and ends at 0. For inorganic objects, it is every time the item changes possession. For organic objects, it is every time they change locations, which while effected can see the lines which separate locations. When any counter reaches zero, the affected thing disintegrates out of existence with no trace.

Drop of A Dime
Has the ability to move information at extreme speeds. It can communicate messages to its allies from a great distance subtly and near instantaneously. It can also assault the minds of the unsuspecting with suggestions, employing something similar to hypnotic suggestion. If the afflicted party knows what is happening, it will be much easier to resist. Its last attack is simply overloading the target’s mind with meaningless or useless information, making it extremely hard for them to think straight and formulate a plan.

Walk In Your Shoes
When the user walks into another person’s shoes, he takes over that person’s entire life. When the shoes are taken off, the person reverts back. 
Off To a Flying Start 
Gives the user complete psychic control of an Airplane, including everything that was used in its construction or propulsion.

Eggs In One Basket
Has the ability to “Store” anything within his stand and release it. There is no limit to the amount it can store, but the more and stronger things it stores the sooner it must release it otherwise the user explodes from a large amount of pressure.

Close But No Cigar 
Gives the user the ability to be first at whatever he desires no matter what. Like if he challenged someone to race, he would always get there first no matter what. It wouldn’t teleport him to the end of the race, but by creating seemingly random coincidences the stand would make it so the user was always first.

In Plain Sight
Allows the user to hide anything and himself within anything.

From the Horse’s Mouth
Can control others as long as the user is speaking above a specific decibel and the listeners are afraid of him.

Back to Square One
Stand can break apart or separate objects or organisms into the components which make them. For example, it can break water into oxygen and hydrogen or the oxygen in red blood cells. The user dictates the degree to which something is broken down into. For example, the user could have the stand break a cake into the ingredients that were used to make it, such as flour, eggs, and milk, or break it down at an elemental level as described before.

Eye for an Eye
This Stand is able to reflect any injury it receives on the Stand that inflicted it, and by transitive property, the enemy Stand’s user. However, there are a few catches. Firstly, Eye for an Eye is not a very physically powerful Stand, as its ability revolves around getting itself injured. It’s quite fast, however, and has a decent range. Secondly, if Eye for an Eye injures itself or is injured indirectly (by crashing into a wall or getting hit by a throwing knife that is not a part of an enemy Stand), the injury will not be reflected onto the enemy Stand. Likewise, if the enemy Stand attacks the user of Eye for an Eye or the enemy Stand’s user attacks Eye for an Eye, the injuries do not reflect back onto the attacking Stand or user. Instead, both Eye for an Eye and its user are injured as a normal Stand and user would be. The only injuries reflected on the enemy Stand are from direct attacks of the Stand onto Eye for an Eye.

Cry Over Spilt Milk
Stand has the ability to create emotions and amplify already existing ones. The downside is that the ability to amplify emotions doesn’t work on emotions created.

As High As A Kite
Stand constantly releases a hallucinogen out of the its body. The stand then has the ability to manipulate what the effected hallucinate about.

It’s a Small World
Whether it is person or thing, once the user makes an X shaped cut on anything, that thing immediately starts shrinking. This doesn’t affect the entire object, but only the part of the object that was cut. The part also has to be said by the user, otherwise no effect takes place.

Keep My Eye On You
Can take any other organic body part and place it on any organic surface.

Carbon Copy
Stand creates a parasite, which attaches to any stand user. The parasite allows the user to create an exact copy of the victims stand, the stand has no abilities other than its original Strength, Speed, Range, Durability, and Precision.

Cash is cash
Stand can take currency and transform into something of equal value. The weakness is that the item’s value is based on the current value the stand itself feels the item is worth. For example, an adult might view 8.00$ expensive for ice cream, but if the stand believes it to be worth $4.00, then the user can make ice cream out of thin air for $4.00. It’s all about convincing the stand.

An Axe To Grind
Stand can make anything the stand touches super sharp. This includes anything with a point or edge.


“All there will ever be is what’s happening here.”

(via mychannel957)

This hits me on so many levels, because this is what happened to me. I dropped out of college and a potentially high paying degree to pursue my dream of opening a Hobby Store. Everyone said that it had a high chance of staying a dream, but I pursued. I now co-own The Island Games and I never want to look back.

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how that man used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could also make people laugh
And maybe they’d be happy for a while

But August made me shiver
When the news was delivered
Bad news on the internet
I couldn’t breath one more breath

I will always remember that I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside
The day the funny died

So bye-bye, mister funny guy!
Couldn’t believe my eyes,
But it wasn’t a lie.
And them good old boys remembered Hook and Popeye.
Singin’, “this is the day Williams died.
"this is the day Williams died."

Did you watch his movies on TV?
And did you watch Dead Poet Society?
If the Netflix tells you so?
Now do you believe in rock and roll?
Can laughter save your cold soul?
And can you imitate his voice, real slow?

Well, I know that you’re in love with him
'Cause I saw you there quoting him
We both laughed out loud!
Man, you were really proud!

I used to be a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
With a pink ipod and short of luck
But I knew that life would now suck
The day… the Robin Williams… died.

And they were singin.
bye-bye, mister funny guy!
Couldn’t believe my eyes,
But it wasn’t a lie.
And them good old boys remembered Hook and Popeye.
Singin’, “this is the day Williams died.

Testing titan arms.

For size references, the guy in the video is 5’ 8”

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